poster for Holiday Custom 2 2019-20 poster for Holiday Custom 2 2019-20
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× Holiday Custom 2019-20 Can be redeemed beginning December 25th, 2019 until July 25th, 2020 (the last show of the season) . After you have purchased your Custom Package login into your account, (if you haven't already). -Go to Tickets and start selecting the tickets you want to book. -Approve the seats you want by clicking "Add Tickets to Cart" (It doesn't matter what ticket price you select. It will redeem once you complete these steps.) -Once the Tickets you want to redeem are in your Cart, select "Reedem Passes/ Gift Certificate." -It will bring you to the Custom you've purchase under your account. Select the Passes you want to use by clicking the button "apply." -Now your order has a Custom Package attatched to it. -Select "Checkout and Pay" and it will use the Custom Package as payment. Continue following the rest of the steps to complete your order.